Saturday, April 16, 2011

Troy’s birthday

We decided to celebrate Troy’s 6th birthday a week early. Last year Nashville flooded on his birthday, so we were hoping to avoid that again this year, since he didn’t get a real birthday party last year.

We decided to have his birthday party at a small park in Cool Springs. It has a nice covered pavilion with lots of tables. It also has a “big enough” size jungle gym and slide set. It also has a walking trail.

Troy invited friends from church and friends from home school. The party theme was “Lego”. Favors included a lego DIY kit and a lego book.

Despite it being a crisp 48 degrees outside (and windy), everyone still had fun.

A BIG THANKS to those friends that came to the party. We are so appreciative of you for taking time to celebrate our son’s birthday. It meant a lot to him, and to us.

Pics from the party:

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