Thursday, June 28, 2007

Troy at Doodah's house

Troy decided to use Doodah's (Troy's grandpa Craig) cat as a pillow. Originally, "Neow" (what troy calls kitty kat) was fine with it, but then she became fed up and moved.

This picture was taken around the middle of June.
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Moving again!@#&*? Just Maybe...

This is a really nice house in Inman that we like. It's 3BR 2BA, Bonus Room w/French doors, 2 Car Garage, .75 acres (maybe more) with trees in the back yard, 1 year warranty (it's brand spankin' new), carpet and vinyl floors. The house is 1606 square feet, with plenty of attic space.

It's currently on the market for 134,900 and the agent that listed it is David Allen who (some of you might be interested to know) is the drummer for The Marshall Tucker band (the whole band is from Spartanburg).

We're excited to possibly have this in our future. We'll have to see how things go with the house in Franklin, but we still love this house.
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