Friday, August 12, 2011

At the Williamson County Fair!

So we went to the fair last night, and it was a lot of fun. The kids really had a great time. We arrived around 6pm, just as things started to kick off.

We started off with the inside exhibits, where they had a small circus, a native American exhibit (which was AWESOME, btw), as well as some historical exhibits with folks that whittled, made baskets, and operated looms and spinners. The kids used this opportunity to make a pot-holder or “mug rug”.

We then proceeded to the livestock exhibits, where they had a wonderful variety of experiences. There was a live horse show (not my favorite as the poor horse looked scared and sad the entire time, plus his owner wasn’t very nice to him, if he didn’t do something correct), as well as an interactive farm experience. Here the kids took a basket and an apron and they went through the “farm” and planted corn kernels, fed “chickens” (they were fake), collected “eggs” (also fake), and “milked” a cow (fake cow w/fake udders that dispensed water when pulled, still really fun though). You then collected the milk, along with the other items you’ve collected and took them to the “Farmers Market”, where you received “money” for them, and redeemed it at the “general store” for a real ice cream sandwich or animal crackers, or other little prizes.

After the farm, we moved next door to the live animal exhibit where they had baby pigs, sows, horses, mini-horses, ponies, goats, sheep, llama, chickens, a steer (a huge Texas longhorn) and a few others that I can’t remember. Overall it was a great (but smelly) experience!

Upon leaving the animals, we proceeded outside to the rides. The kids LOVED this part. It was dusk and all the lights were on, and they were LOVING it! They rode a small kiddie-coaster, Troy and I went down a huge (5 story) slide (I was FREAKING OUT inside, really I was), and a couple of other rides that went up and down.

Lastly, they tried a deep-fried snickers bar. Wynter didn’t like it, but Troy inhaled it. We topped the evening off with them getting a shaved ice “snow cone”.
The whole fair was very well done, and Nissan contributed quite a bit to it as well. I’m sure that helped make it a good experience. My kids (and Kelly and I) really enjoyed it.

Enjoy the pics!
Williamson County Fair pics

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